Get Results in Just 5 Days – Apple Cider Vinegar Warts Remedy

Have you heard great things about the apple cider vinegar warts remedy? Are you a little skeptical and wondering if it really does work? The answer is yes, BUT only if you do it correctly. If you follow the steps below, you will probably find it to be one of the best wart treatments ever. Read on and discover how to make it work for you.

You’re probably wondering how do I know if it works. I know it works because I have personally used this remedy myself to successfully treat more than seven warts on my fingers and knuckles. Many others on the internet have also reported great results as well. It took just 5 days to remove small warts from my fingers and a little over two weeks to remove the dime size wart on my knuckle. I have also used this other method to treat another finger wart.

This remedy works great, but it’s harsh. It may cause discomfort and even pain. Don’t use it on:

  • Plantar warts
  • Your child’s wart(s)
  • Genital warts
  • Warts located on the face, etc.
  • Yourself, if you have a low tolerance for pain

Use this painless natural treatment instead. It might take a little longer, but it will be a painless experience compared to the acv.

Gential warts suffers, avoid the embarrassment with this natural solution instead.

Now let’s let’s get down to the acv remedy.

what I use for the apple cider vinegar warts

What you will need:

1. Apple cider vinegar (The 100% organic apple cider vinegar is recommended for the best results)

2. Cotton balls (Use sterile cotton balls to help avoid a potential infection)

3. Band-aids (Get a big pack to save more money in the long run)

4. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)


What to do:

1. File down the wart with an emery board/pumice stone. Clean the wart and the area around the wart. Be very careful not to break, or cut the healthy skin around your wart. Doing so may cause the wart to spread to those cuts.

2. Apply petroleum jelly to the healthy skin surrounding the wart you are going to treat. ACV burns the wart and the healthy skin. The petroleum jelly will help protect the healthy skin from the acv.

3. Add a several drops of the cider vinegar onto the cotton ball. The secret to getting fast results with remedy is to make sure the cotton ball is thoroughly soaked so you get enough acv to break down the wart. Other people talking about this method only say to use a drop or two of vinegar and I’ve found that most of the time, it isn’t enough (especially for larger warts).

4. Place the cotton ball on the wart.

5. Cover the wart with the cotton ball.

6. Hold the cotton ball in place with a Band-aid. You can also use other things like tape. Duct-tape seems to work great for this, and I honestly use it more than anything else for this method.

7. Keep the cotton ball on over night, or at all times if possible.

8. Repeat until the wart is gone.

While using this method, the wart will turn black. This is normal and a sign that the apple cider vinegar remedy is working for you. You will eventually be able to peel off the black part of the wart.

Scarring Risks:

While all of my warts treated with acv have left no scars after peeling off the dead wart, it may be different for you. ACV does burn both the wart and your healthy skin. To avoid scars, consider this more gentle treatment with no risk of scars.

If it looks like the wart is gone, congratulations! If not, repeat the method again until the wart is completely removed.

If you’ve tried this before, please leave me a comment below about your experience and results with this wart remedy. I would love to hear about them and how it worked out for you.

Disclaimer: This website and all of its contents are for informational purposes only. Do not take anything here as medical advice. Always consult with your doctor first. You must read and agree to the disclaimer before you attempt to use any of the information here about the apple cider vinegar warts remedy.

Photo credit: Andy Robert (artizone)



  1. Hello,

    I am currently living abroad with limited access to English speaking doctors and medical. I was diagnosed with HPV a couple of months ago but do not have the strains associated with genital warts. I was therefore surprised when I noticed several small spots on my inner thighs which my doctor said were genital warts.

    I tried the Acv method for two of them and it worked within 3 days. I have been using it for almost ten days now on the remaining spots. The skin has turned very white and puffy and is much larger than the original wart. In a couple of the spots I have scratched it and can see the crater shape that some others have mentioned but no seeds. In other spots the White skin appears to extend quite deeply. I have started putting antibacterial cream on them but was wondering if this is normal and still part of the normal healing process and if I should continue with the Acv treatment. The skin around the White spots is red and burnt. I have also started taking baths with tea tree oil twice a day.

    • When I used acv to treat my hand warts, the surrounding skin did turn white and seemed larger. If it was me, would probably stop using acv and wait to get some medical advice from a doctor you can communicate with.

  2. I have been putting acv on a couple of warts on my toe for a few days. I usually leave it on all day, but I’ve taken it off for a break if it is keeping me up at night. The center of the wart is black, but the surrounding skin is white and very puffy. Should I keep going or give it the opportunity to sort of dry up a bit?

    • In the past I would let it dry up for a few days and let the skin heal if it was too painful. Surprisingly a few of them easily peeled off once it dried up a little. Some came back and others never did.

      • Thanks so much! One more question… If it’s not hurting too much and I keep going with the ACV, how will I know when it’s time to quit? I haven’t been picking at it because that seemed to make it hurt so much worse when I tried the ACV last time. And the warts came back anyway.

        • Most of what seems to be the wart will be black. For some it “falls off”, while for others they peel it off. Most of mine were left to dry for about a day or two after the entire wart had turned black. The treated area was very sensitive and painful. After letting it dry for the day/two it was no longer painful to touch. I would then be able to peel off the black part with no pain and no bleeding. I believe the bleeding is a good indicator of whether it is a good time to peel it off or not. If it bleeds then it meant it wasn’t time yet.

  3. I have a wart on my middle finger. I left the vinegar soaked cotton ball over night. The wart turned into a dark color, but my finger went numb and is swollen. Is that normal?

    • Did you use a lot of vinegar? If you did, it may have burned the surrounding healthy skin. Numb isn’t normal though. Maybe you wrapped the bandaid/tape on too tight? Give it a rest and let it heal. My suggestion would be to try something else that is a little more gentle.

  4. Hi! I have tried the ACV trick for the last week on a large white bump/growth on the bottom pad of my third toe. It actually turned brown, swelled and when I peeled away the top layer two days ago, there was a little serous discharge. I have been applying the ACV cotton balls to the new, open area and it burns so badly I can barely walk! Now, the underlying skin/slight swelling is flat and black: if this was not a true wart, would the skin/lesion still turn black? Just curious if you have heard of this or seen it. And hoping it will still go away. Thanks!

    • I haven’t seen/experienced anything like it myself. I would assume the skin will still turn black even if it isn’t a wart. ACV burns everything.

  5. I have used the soaked cotton ball with acv on anal wart for 5 days..
    Some turn black but in front of anal canal the wart not turning black.. It become small and whiter than before..

    Because its very irritated and hurt when defecated so i stop the therapy for a moment..

    Shall i continue the treatment even in irritated anal mucosa?

    Is it normal if the wart not turning to black?

    Thx a loy…

    • Hi Rico. This is probably something you’ll want to discuss with your doctor. Most people use the acv method for common warts in places like hands/arms, etc.

  6. caroline guerrero says:

    hello guys,
    i just did the ACV on my facial small wart or look like a mole.
    and yes!the moke/wart succesfully gone.
    but the question is It leaves a patch like reddishpinkish on the area where i removed the wart/mole..
    and im afraid it will beacome scar on my face..
    please help me to get rid of that coming scar..

    pls email me

    • Caroline,
      While I have not experienced any scars myself from using ACV, scarring is always a risk. I have also only used acv for hand/finger warts. I recommend letting it heal and talking to your doctor.

  7. Hello,
    I have been using the ACV for a week, my wart turned black and the top of the wart fell off. But I still have the wart. It is no longer raised but you can see the seeds are still there. I have continued to use the ACV and the leftover wart is black but not going away. can you tell me what I need to do to finish getting rid of this?

    • I’ve had to deal with this before with a stubborn wart that was on my knuckle. Give a couple of weeks to heal and see if it does come back. If it does, try the treatment again. If it doesn’t then leave it until it comes back.

  8. Hi
    I’m on day 2 of treatment on my wrist. I have literally have 8 tiny ones in a cluster.

    I was told about the treatment but just to use a cotton ball to and a bandaid and tape.

    I accidentally kept it on my healthy skin too long and some of my skin is burned.

    My question is the warts themselves are turning very dark. Is that normal?

  9. It’s works amazing my wart fell off in just 3 days. Although there is a bump where wart used to be has anyone had that happen before ? Wart is gone but you can feel the bump?
    35 m

  10. Hi all,
    I’ve been using ACV on a planters wart on the bottom of my heel for a little over a month. I’ve had it for a number of years so wasn’t overly surprised to see it taking so long, but after reading through this board I remain very optimistic.
    It use to be quite small, but I had the doctor try to freeze it off (3 times), and the thing literally tripled in size. I’m pretty desperate so I’ve been fighting through what has turned out to be quite a painful experience with the ACV. Just a few questions, wondering if anyone can speak to:
    The top layer of skin has died and peeled off a few times now to reveal very soft, puffy white tissue underneath. I’ve continued with the ACV and it eventually toughens up and peels off to do the same thing… has this happened to anyone? Also, I find the wart actually rises up from my foot when irritated, rather than the ‘crater’ I see a lot of people are experiencing. Has anyone been successful in getting rid of the wart and also had this happen in the ACV process? I also see that a lot of people are saying that the pain goes away after a few days. I’m sad to say that this has not been my experience, which worries me that perhaps I’m doing something to perpetuate it. Would love some input.. Thanks!

  11. Use baking soda on the inflamed or irritated skin if the acv burns you and the acid will be neutralized very quickly and will not feel painful at all.

  12. I have to say, I’ve been treating a wart on my hand for almost a year. My dermatologist has tried freezing, various acids, immune boosters, even a blister beetle treatment. Ouch. I’m trying acv now and it does hurt but this stubborn wart is getting worse not better. I hope that he acv combined with the rx treatments done with my dermatologist will be the one-two inch that is needed to get this thing gone!


  13. I had a small wart on the index finger of my left hand. I used ACV for a couple hours a day for 4 days and the wart fell off and the treated skin of my finger turned black. It was a little painful at times, but if it became too painful, I’d just take off the ACV cotton ball and the pain would subside. A scab grew there but it was getting caught on things and eventually it must have peeled back a bit because it became red and swollen. I went to my doctor and she said it was definitely infected. I was on a week of Bactrim and using Silvadene twice a week. I’ve been off of the antibiotics for 4 days now and it’s slowly (SLOWLY!) healing. Looks like it definitely might leave a scar. I’ve had this injury now for well over 3 weeks and I am getting really tired of a bandaid on my finger! Although ACV worked, I am pretty sure I will be freezing off future warts..especially if they are on my hands because it takes forever to heal when the skin is constantly being stretched, bumped and coming into contact with so much bacteria!

  14. I can confirm that this is an effective treatment, but I do not recommend it on ALL types of warts. Do not use it on your face, genitals or any other sensitive areas on your body. Also, this treatment is great for the small, flat types of warts that you get on your feet and hands (not plantar). Don’t use it on those large ones, or cauliflower type ones. Or it will be VERY painful.

  15. Hey Mike

    Sorry this is long.

    Good to find this website. I have never had warts before but after treating a plantar wart on my daughter’s foot some months ago (and having a sensitive immune system), I think I contracted the virus. Consequently I got what looked like a plantar wart on the side of my right ring finger.

    To begin with, it looked like a hard clear blister but gradually grew a tough skin with a ring of harder skin around it. It just got bigger and bigger.

    I got rid of my daughters wart with high strength manuka honey that I ordered in specially from New Zealand. She is a type 1 diabetic and I was wary of doing anything harsh or damaging to her feet. Within three weeks of daily application of the honey and bandaging it, it went black and fell off.

    I was optimistic it would work for me.

    But it didn’t. It hurt like hell. All the time. Constantly hurt when I bumped it.

    I couldn’t penetrate the wart on my finger at all. I had it frozen twice, tried daily applications of honey or tea tree oil etc. After each freeze it seemed to improve and then go back to normal sort of.

    Eventually in desperation I tried wart off paint – salicylic acid. With everything I tried I would get to a point of agonizing pain and give up worried it wasn’t working or that I was making it worse.

    But I was determine to stick with the paint so I did about three or four days.

    Then I found your website. I have some excellent ACV in my pantry – the type that contains ‘the mother’ whatever that means.

    I did two days of ACV treatment instead of the wart paint.

    After four months I’m sick of this thing and the sheer agony it has caused me. So I did about 36-48 hours straight of ACV – it was hell my finger ached to the bone it was worse than a toothache – and suddenly the wart lifted out in a huge chunk (no wonder I was in pain!).

    There was a little pus at the side which makes me think my finger is infected. Not sure what to do next. What remains is a soft large white ring of dead skin and a tender middle.
    It still hurts bad but I have swelling around it.

    I know you said not to dig it out but it just lifted and I couldn’t do much else with it but take it off completely.
    It was hard and dry on top with a softer core that just lifted out.

    I can’t see any remaining black or black dots but it didn’t go that black to start with. It never looked like a normal spotty wart really. It was weird to start with altho doc confirmed definitely a wart.

    So now I dunno what to do. It’s way too sore to use anymore ACV on it. Plus I’m worried it will make any infection worse.

    Instead I have put some of the honey on it (antibacterial and antiseptic and has been used successfully on infections that don’t respond to antibiotics) and put another bandage on. I’m hoping it will calm any residual infection or angry skin so I can let it dry out afterwards.

    Does this sound within the range of normal?


    • Hi,
      Everything seems normal minus the pus coming from the side. Keep a real close eye just in case it is indeed an infection. Also don’t delay a visit to your doctor if it’s indeed an infection and it gets worse. Otherwise just let it heal and hope it doesn’t come back, so you don’t have to suffer another round of acv.

  16. For about two weeks I have been treating a wart (the flat kind near the nail) with acv. A few months ago I had to have a wart surgically removed and it completely traumatized me to ever return to a doctor.
    Anywho, I have been treating this wart with acv. It turned black within hours of initial treatment. I did it 24/7 for the first week and it became too painful. After the first week a big black chunk came off. However more was still there. After another week of treatment the wart turned brown but not black. Last night the brown chunk came off. The skin underneath looks to be without roots, but it is yellow. I didn’t read anywhere else that people had brown not black or that their skin looked yellow. Is this possible signs of infection ? I really don’t want to go back to the doctor but whatever is best at this point. Thanks in advance !

    • Ashley,
      I can’t really say it it’s an infection or not (not a doctor afterall). I can say that there might be a chance it might be a little discolored from the treatment? Are you experiencing any signs of an infection like fever, yellowish discharge, swelling, etc? If you feel your well being is at risk, it’s well worth the unpleasant visit. It’s better to be safe than sorry afterall. I wish you the best.

  17. Not worth using ACV to remove your warts. Suffer more/longer pain, warts may grow back & long healing. There are better ways than this method. Use mild/diluted tea tree oil antiseptic cream or salicylic acid can do a better job than acv. Able to buy from most pharmacies. Cheers!

  18. Just wanted to say thanks. Had a wart on my finger for months. Tried over the counter treatments but didn’t make any difference.Thought i would try the apple cider vinegar.Wasn’t expecting it to work but was so fed up of this wart i was prepared to try anything so used the small piece of cotton wool soaked in vinegar and held on with a plaster and after 5 days the skin pealed away.Left a small hole which was totally healed after about 2 weeks.Can sting at times and one night didn’t get much sleep as my finger was throbbing from the vinegar burning away the wart but it definately works and worth the small amount discomfort.
    Many thanks .

  19. I had a wart quite some time back. I did a couple of things (like applying salicylic acid, cutting the wart, etc). Nothing worked. Then, I read about apple cider vinegar. I dabbed a small cotton ball with acv and put it on the wart and covered it with band aid. I did this day and night. The pain was really bad for the first 3 days. Sometimes, I even had to take out the band aid and rest for a while before reapplying. But after the 3rd day, there was no pain and the wart turned black. After about 2 weeks, I dug out the wart. I know I am supposed to wait for it to drop off but I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. Thankfully, the wart didn’t return. ACV really works for warts.

  20. Hi! I have lovely flat head warts. 100s on my legs. I’ve stopped shaving and got laser done but I’m afraid that spread them as well. I’ve tried everything but its so hard since they are so small but are all over the place. I put a huge cotton ball soaked in ACV and duck taped it to a cluster of them but have no way to individually do them. I duck taped over the cotton ball and hope it works. Flat warts have the ability to koebrinize (spread when damaged) so crossing fingers. Any advise on flat warts on the legs??

  21. This was the 5th attempt yo try apple cider vinegar.. i have posted before i got a rally stubborn verruca or planter wart. I simply cant handle the pain. Its so bad i want to scream. The wart turns black but always on the 2nd or 3rd day i give up bcoz of the throbbing, stinging pain that runs up to my legs….am i cutting the verruca too deep or am i putting on too much vinegar? Im confused as most people say its not that painful…. but it is one of the worst pain ive felt… currently i have mixed a paste of tea tree oil, thuja and aloe vera.,. No pain but dont know how effective it is… will post back to update…

    • Thanks for sharing your story with us. Some just have a higher tolerance than others. Mine is quite low and I have given up on multiple occasions.

      • Hi Mike, did you redo the treatment. I have started it again apple cider vinegar at night (I cant sleep the whole night due to pain) and then a combination of thuja, tea tree & aloe vera during day time to ease pain… I really want to get rid off this, I had this planter wart for 13 years. I can see it gone yellow with black dots and there is a crater around as some reported. How long would you say before the pain subsides? Some people say the pain increases as treatment continues and others say it goes away after couple of days…

        • I eventually went back and “toughed it out”. I’m glad I did too because it was on maybe the 2nd or 3rd attempt (not too sure, it’s been a while) that I was able to peel off the wart. It hasn’t been back since last year or so.

  22. You says you shouldn’t use ACV on plantar warts… why?
    Because I’m applying it to my plantar ones and I’m already seeing good progress. I had a really deep one that would absolutely hurt whenever I would step on a crack. Next to that a tiny one started to appear and after 5/6 days of ACV, the tiny one is gone. It doesn’t hurt to walk anymore and it’s really shallow. I’m not planning to stop until they’re gone!
    Love this method.

    • Great to hear acv is working for your plantar wart Ella. It does indeed work very well. My reason is the treated area gets very sensitive and it can become very painful if pressure is applied to it (walking, standing, etc).

  23. Hey, I’ve had a few warts on my hands and fingers for about a year now and I’ve been doing the ACV treatment for about 5 days. It seems to be working but I don’t think I’m finished with most yet. On one on my finger, the wart had turned kind of more of a dark brown-ish and deep red color but I noticed that part of the skin was sticking up around the edges so I pulled it off. It came off very easily and with no pain in the slightest. But I’m worried that all I did was pull of a layer of skin. The bottom just looked flat and a little red and there were some dark tiny spots so I have no idea if I actually pulled the wart off or not. Should I continue immediately with the ACV treatment, or wait and see if it returns again before trying? Thanks.

    • Nicole,
      I recommend letting it heal and see if it comes back. No need to go through the pain and the hassle needlessly.

      • Okay, thanks. Will do! Unfortunately, I’m having problems with another one on my thumb. It’s turned a really dark red color it seems all around it and its all sunken in so theres no raised wart or anything. Is that normal? It just seems to be creating a hole in my finger. It looks kinda scary haha.

  24. I have tried many slow remedies (including dr. burning) for 2 warts I have on my pointer finger. I stumbled across this remedy and am trying it now for the first time. I feel it working immediately. It’s tingly and burning slightly. The burning hurt A LOT so we’ll see if this compares. I’m hoping this works!

    • So, I’m on day 4. The first 3 days I had the ACV on for about 24 hours a day. Day 1 and 2 were a little uncomfortable but nothing major. The warts are now very black in the center but they are a little sore when I press on them so I’m going to keep using the ACV until they don’t hurt at all. I look forward to them falling off!

      • Update- I took a break since the day I posted this to see if they would fall off on their own (still black and hard) and no luck. I just reapplied the ACV a little while ago and it has started itching. I’m getting impatient.

        • So last night, after the ACV softened the wart, I got the crazy idea to pick at the black parts and they came out. I am reapplying the ACV now and it hurts 7/10 and I am a high tolerance person. One of the warts is on my finger joint and the pain on that one feels like it is down to the bone. I’m enjoying the pain a little bit because I’m thinking it is killing the wart. Ok, I may be a little sick in the head ;P

          • Update: one wart (actually cluster of 3) is healing nicely and I’ve been dabbing with ACV when I remember. I applied ACV to the other one and it turned black again. I started the ACV with bandaid yesterday and it is not hurting at all. It is black so I will keep treating it until it falls off. *On another note, I had a couple of small warts on my foot and they have disappeared without intervention :)

    • Last update: I picked the black part of the wart out of the last remaining one and it looks like I finally got it. The skin is healing nicely. If they do come back, I will do the ACV again. Thanks!

  25. Allison Walker says:

    I have just started treating a wart that is growing in the tip of my index finger – almost under my nail with ACV. I have previously tried freezing, Thuja and wart off, all to no avail. So 2 days ago I purchased a bottle of Braggs double strength ACV with mother culture, to give that a go. I am putting it onto a piece of makeup round and holding that in place with a bandaide. I have been changing the dressing 3x daily. Within a few hours of the first treatment, the wart turned black, sunk below the surrounding skin and started to throb. It has been throbbing for 2 days now. I checked it and found that a huge number of seeds can be seen inside if the wart. I got a pair of tweezers and pulled some of them out. They were a bit stubborn and it did hurt, but they did come out.
    I have decided to leave the seed picking for a few days to see if it gets easier as time goes on.
    It is bloody sore, that is all I am saying about it right now.
    I see from other posts and your info that it should be getting better in a few days to a week. I can handle that (I think!!!)

    • Hi Alison! Wow your experience is identical to mine! I’m blown away at how aggerssive the acv works, and you’re right it is a bit painful. I’ve been keeping the cotton ball / band aid on for about 12 hours per day and it seems to be working great so far. Who would have thought a $3 bottle of vinegar could work so magically. Ive tried many different cremes, ointments, and numerous freezing techniques from a doctor and have never had any success.

      • Allison Walker says:

        The wart has lifted off with a bit of help from a pair of tweezers – I was a bit impatient, and it had started falling apart, so I helped it along!!
        It did bleed in one spot but it seems to be healing up now.
        The tip of my finger is a bit numb but it seems to be getting better.
        My finger tip is skinning a bit but there doesnt seem to be any wart there.
        I am waiting to see if any of the wart regrows. If it does I shall just do it again.
        It took just 4 days to remove the wart using apple cider vinegar.
        I used Braggs Double Strength ACV with mother culture.

        • Allison Walker says:

          Further update and question.
          A week on….the skin on my finger where the wart was has become hard and kind of insensitive – just like when the wart was there before.
          It looked and felt like the wart might have been coming back. I have reapplied the ACV on cotton wool and covered with a bandaid overnight. But unlike before, when I checked this morning, the area has not gone black, and it has not become more painful.
          Is this normal? Maybe it is just scar tissue being sloughed off.
          Anyone got any advice?

          • Allison Walker says:

            Nope. The wart was still there. The next day the seeds had turned black again. So I have begun again with the ACV. It is very painful and very deep. This time I am just going to leave it alone until it is no longer painful before removing it.

      • Allison Walker says:

        Hi George,
        I am now on my 3rd treatment using ACV. Each time, the wart comes back and I have to start again. Sigh. I thought it would be gone by now.
        It turns black. I leave it to start to lift and then it comes off – usually with a bit if help. It is raw and sore and a bit numb.
        It seems to be gone. The skin is red first and then turns pink. Then after a few days, I notice that the wart is still there or has come back, and I have to start the process over again.
        Any suggestions???

        • Allison Walker says:

          7 days into my 3rd treatment. Really hurting now. I looked at it yesterday and even though the ACV had been on it for 6 days there was not any change. So I poked it with some tweezers to make it easier for the ACV to get in to it. Then I really soaked the cotton wool in lots of ACV, put it on the wart and then added more ACV. Before covering it with a bandaide. Now the wart is throbbing and dancing and the pain is radiating down my finger and into my palm. Yeeouch!!!!
          I am determined this time!! The treatment remains until the wart is no longer there.

          • Allison Walker says:

            Hi George.
            I, and the ACV have done it!!
            It took 3 attempts, the final attempt lasting 13 days, and that pesky wart finally peeled off on New Years Day. Very fitting, and prophetic I thought. I had that sucker for most of last year, and last year was the most soul destroying year of my life. So glad it and its wart are now gone!!
            It left a hole big enough to put a match head inside. That then scabbed over. The scab lifted today revealing a bit of dry scaly skin. It is still a bit tender, but nothing I cant handle.
            ACV does work.

          • Hi Alison! Yes I’m having the same problem, I’m on round 2 :( It went away after round 1, and then looked like a brand new finger, clean pink skin that was healing nicely… About 1 week later the black seeds starting appearing again, so I’m on day 2 of round 2… hoping this will zap it for good.

            So annoying, especially on my right index finger makes it tough to write with a pen or type properly lol.

  26. Hi, I have been applying ACV for nearly 2 weeks now on the tip of my index finger. It turns black but only on the outer part. It seems the blackening process is so slow. This morning I have a new blackened part close to – but outside – the infected part I’ve been treated all this time. Am I on the right track? How do I speed up the process? How long should I expect the blackened part to come off from the first time I apply it?

    • You can try soaking it with a little more acv. Being on the tip, the acv may not be making contact with the wart at all times. You can also try using strips of duct tape to help with contact. Be careful to not tape it on so tight that you restrict blood flow. It should not normally take up to two weeks with a small wart on the index finger. You can peel it off once the wart is mostly black and there is no pain or soreness when you touch the black part. It will also peel very easily, so if you give it a try it will come right off with no bleeding or pain.

  27. I used vinegar with equal amount of listerine on my son’s warts. He had 3 on his knee for a year or so. I soaked a cotton ball and taped a piece of the soaked cotton ball on each wart. I left it overnight. He only let me do this two nights but they are completely gone. Took a few weeks but it worked.

  28. Greetings from South Africa! I’ve recently gotten a plantar wart on my left foot. It didn’t bother me too much but as soon as it started spreading I went to see a doctor, who had the first one cut out and the new, second one burned.

    Luckily the first didn’t return, but the 2nd survived the burning and I’m aware of it with every step I take. Started reading about ACV treatment and decided to give it a shot.

    I started treatment about 4 days ago, replacing cotton balls at night and morning. So far my wart became whiter and a tad larger (which apparently should happen) . It now looks like a hole in my foot with a ring around it, almost resembling a callus. But I’m not noting any black spots or signs of progress. The fact that these warts grow inwardly isn’t helping either.

    I’m using as much acv as possible without using too much that the excess would spread to the rest of my foot.

    Something to note is that I hardly feel any pain? The bottle says ‘naturally fermented apple cider vinegar’, but it doesn’t explicitly say ‘organic’ as recommended. The wart itself has gotten a bit more sensitive to touch but neither the wart nor the healthy skin is getting sore from the vinegar. Is it abnormal to not feel much pain or is it just luck? Or could this have something to do with the fact that nothing is turning black?

    Anyone advice would be appreciated :)

    • Hi Peter,
      Plantar warts can be tough to deal with. Some users have reported success with it, but I’ve never personally tried acv on plantar warts. You may not feel any pain due to a higher tolerance, or there might be too much skin buildup on the wart. Have you tried filing it down a bit?

      • Hi mike
        I have the exact same symptoms as Peter describes. Curious why you don’t recommend for plantar? If you take pain out of the equation are there any other reasons for not trying on plantar? Also if not acv then what would you suggest?

        • If you take pain out of the equation, then I really can’t think of any other reason to not use ACV. The treated area will be very sore and sensitive. It’s going to be very hard to walk and the pain might be too much.

      • I have filed it down a bit, but perhaps not a sufficient amount. Stopped treatment for a small while due to traveling but going to tackle it committedly in two days time. Also going to use duct tape instead of band aid.

        The wart is now level with my skin, but when acv treatment commences again the ‘crater’ effect should return- then I’ll file it down. Appropriately.

        I’ll post my conclusion in few weeks time, thanks for the reply!

    • Same story for me. I’m a few days in using white vinegar on a piece of gauze, all secured with electrical tape. The wart was white and hard and was raised up with a crater in the middle. It has only started throbbing a bit in the past day. I filed it down and washed the area today, then reapplied.

      Peter, how’s your progress??

  29. Hello! This is my second night with the avc treatment and im wondering if its working for me. When i take the bandaid off, it looks bigger and prunier that before. Is that normal? I don’t see any black dots. Am i supposed to take the bandaid off all day and place it back on during night time? Also, there’s a sunken ring around the wart, makes me feel like i could carve it out. What do i do? Help!

    • Karem, the wart having been exposed to acv all night will cause it to bigger. I recommend taking it off during the day to reduce the amount of burning and pain. Some have toughed it out and left it on 24/7. If the majority of the wart isn’t black, don’t give in to temptation and carve it out. That will only make things worse.

  30. Hi, I have a plantar wart on my right foot, near the heel, and I’ve been treating it with ACV (Bragg), cotton balls, pumice stone, and duct tape for 2 months now. Mine never turned black, but instead turned white with black dots. Yesterday I was able to remove the circular, white wart and thought I finally got rid of the bugger. Good thing, though, I gave it another round of ACV treatment last night because there is still some part of the wart left in the middle of that gaping whole of redness where the wart had been. I tried picking it out with a clipper but it really hurts since it’s on my very red, inner skin. Now, I will just let my skin heal a bit then I’ll give it another 3days or so of treatment just to be sure, and pray it won’t come back again. So to anyone who has their plantar wart/s under acv treatment, I strongly advice that you guys to keep treating it even after you’ve had the wart off your foot to ensure that it won’t grow back.

  31. Hey everyone,
    I’ve had a long time wart problem. I currently have 12 on my right hand and 3 on my left. I’ve been to several doctors, tried immunotherapy, freezing, homeopathic treatment, over the counter treatments, and several home remedies including garlic and duct tape. The most successful results have been from ACV. I’ve removed 3 in a few weeks with no scars or signs of coming back. HOWEVER, it seems that for every wart gone, I grow several more… There’s no use in getting rid of one if two more grow back in different areas. Any help would be appreciated. I’m at a loss and frustrated. Thanks!

    • Eduardo, do they grow back in completely different areas? Or close to where the removed wart was? I’ve read that having warts can also be a sign of a weak immune system/potassium deficiency? (not entirely sure on the potassium deficiency). I’ve even read about stress playing a large role as well. Maybe try reducing stress, try exercising to improve your health, eating a healthy balanced diet and even some bananas or supplements.

  32. I’ve been doing this treatment and there’s one point of confusion on my end. I keep the ACV soaked cotton ball, covered with duct tape on my wart 24/7, removing once a day to replace the ACV. I’ve definitely noticed it turning black. My question is do I stop the treatment and see if it dries and comes off? I ask because I’m hearing that it should naturally peel off, but I don’t see how this is possible if I’m keeping it covered all day. In doing that everything stays very moist. The wart itself is more black, but still below the surrounding, healthier skin. What are my next steps?

    • For me it gets to a point where it comes off with little force. Sometimes it would happen as I’m removing the duct tape/bandaid (this is usually what others are talking about and something I should clarify in the post). I have also let some heal and dry out (from too much pain) and been able to successfully peel it off with no warts returning. I believe it doesn’t matter which way you do it. As long as you get no blood and no pain when the wart comes off, I think you’re good to go.

  33. I have a wart right next to my nail which at first looked like a rasied spot of just dry skin but when i idiotically started picking at it, i started to do some research and it turned out to be a wart which i’ve never had!!

    I Started using ACV about two weeks ago. The First couple days HURT , I have a low tolerance for pain so I only kept it on during the day for about 12 hours (when I could take a Tylenol to ease the pain). The first night i left it on the wart turned black which i read was a good sign. I did this for about a week on and off. After i couldn’t bare the pain of the ACV i used CURAD MEDIPLAST which seemed to peel away at the skin layer by layer. This was a lot less painful, and helped get the black to where i can carefully peel it off. The black parts came off no problem and painless. as of now about 2 and a half weeks later i have only really dry scaly skin next to my nail, and raw skin where my wart was. no sign of a wart as of just a black spec which i red to be a blood vessel.

    ** this site was INCREDIBLY helpful. educated me on the wart and the ACV trick certainly helped. for those who can tolerate the pain. this method is incredibly effective!

  34. I know that you do not suggest using this on a child, but we did. My oldest daughter had her one wart removed at the dermatologist with one visit, my son had to have 3 visits and they tried everything from freezing to cutting them off, it was horrendous and did not work, he still had 7 on one hand and 5 on the other. I had heard of the acv method but was skeptical considering the Dr. had not been able to remove them but I asked my son if he wanted to try, we watched some videos on You Tube and began the treatment, he is 9 and wanted to try and take care of them himself. Two weeks in they are almost all gone, he is so pleased and I am too.

  35. Hello.

    I have some warts on my fingers which I am using acv on (one at a time). I been covering and changing the band aid day and night. The wart first grew and turned white then the centre of the wart seems to have sunk in and turned black with a raised white ring around it. It did get very painful so I stopped the acv for the evening. I thought to try and dig the wart out but the crater and raised skin around is still slightly painful to touch. Now I am unsure if I should contine using the acv or wait to see if the wart is dead. Any advise would be appreciated?

    • Joe,
      Give a day or two before trying acv again. Afterwards, if it is no longer painful to the touch, see if you can gently peel the wart off. A wart that is ready to come off will do so with no pain and no bleeding. If it isn’t ready, let it heal and try acv again. Or you can try acv again before attempting to peel it.

  36. Hello, I started the ACV treatment on a wart on my index finger about two weeks ago, everything went to plan and within days the wart had turned black and easily came off. For a few days there was a very tiny mark where the wart had been but it seemed to have completely gone. This morning, however, I have a large blood blister where the wart was, should I continue to treat this with the ACV? Thanks :)

    • Melissa,
      Since the wart came off don’t continue using acv. ACV will continue to burn your skin. Let the area heal and wait to see if the wart comes back. If it does (sometimes it does) then you can try acv again.

  37. I have two warts on my hand. I see that you told the person below that ACV burns your skin no matter what, but why is it only the wart that turns black and not the healthy skin around it ?
    When the root starts to show will it come out on its own, or will I have to dig it out myself?
    I’m about a week into the ACV treatment and so far it really seems like it’s doing the trick! I just want to make sure I’m doing it right.

    • Liz, when it’s ready to come off you can easily pull it out without any pain or bleeding. The wart should be almost completely black by then. Give it the full 5 days first if the pain isn’t too much for you. Acv does indeed burn everything. The healthy skin is burned red while the wart “dies” and turns black. I don’t really have an answer to why only the wart turns black and not the surrounding healthy skin. But here’s my guess based on the various comments and random information I have read on the internet. A wart is “fed” with many tiny blood vessels, so when acv is applied, it causes the wart to blister and these tiny blood vessels detach/are destroyed. Without blood vessels to supply oxygen, etc. to the wart it eventually “dies”. It’s kind of like when blood flow is cut off to a leg for an extended period of time. Given enough time, irreversible damage will occur. I’ve never seen this myself, but I would assume once a certain extremity is reached the leg will probably turn black. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I figured I would throw my guess out there.

      If anyone knows the explanation, please let us know.

  38. Hi Mike, love reading the great results:). I have one a bit different, I’ve had a flat wart right under my eye close to the nose side for years which didn’t bother me too much then another appeared under it about a year ago then this year another 3 came up under them and I thought if I don’t do something my whole face is going to be covered soon, so a couple of weeks ago I taped the tiny piece of cotton wool in ACV and the last 3 warts vanished within about 3 days but the 2 that have been there the longest are being very stubborn and I can’t actually tell if they are dying or not, I have been keeping the ACV on all day but take it off at night as it still just stings mainly, do they have to turn black to be dead? They are white and still there, do I just keep the ACV on and wait till they vanish or go black? Also should I be keeping the ACV on 24/7 instead of taking it off at night? Thanks

    • Cheryl, please don’t use acv on your face (especially so close to your eyes). ACV will burn everything it comes in contact with and not just the wart. Your eyes are way too precious to put at risk. Please talk with your doctor about removing them.

  39. Hey there. I’ve had a wart on my forhead for about a month now. I started the ACV treatment a few hours ago and it’s already turning black.
    If it’s not a wart (I’m pretty sure it is), would it still turn black?

    • ACV will burn your skin regardless of whether it’s a wart or not. However when dealing with warts located on your face, you really need to consult with your doctor.

  40. Hi, thanks for all of your suggestions. I am on day 2/ night 3 of supplying acv to a wart on my ring finger. Just starting to feel some throbbing pain for the first time, as opposed to minor stinging from the past few applications. Is this a sign that the process is working? So far the wart has become raised, whiter and pruny with what looks to be some black coming through underneath. I was also wondering if you could explain the filing of the wart a bit more. I have read mixed things about doing so, so I haven’t attempted it yet. Thanks!

    • The pain is almost unavoidable for most of us and the level of pain varies from person to person. The 3rd night of treatment is usually when it starts. The black spots is a sign that it is working. For filing down the wart, it’s based on my personal experience. I believe some are concerned about filing it down because there is always that risk that you file too far and spread the wart. However, my first few attempts didn’t turn out too well because I didn’t file down the wart. The wart is just excess skin build up and having it too thick kind of insulates the “core” holding the HPV virus itself from the acv.

  41. Hello, hoping someone can help me with a stubborn wart I’ve had for about 3yrs on the bed of my fingernail!!! I’ve tried so many things and nothing seems to help, if anything it has made it worst. Today is my second day doing the acv and the pain is so so BAD. I took it off to sleep because there just no way I can sleep with this much pain. It’s turned yellowish and black in some spots.. Please help me with any word of advice, IM DESPERATE!!! Thank you

    • Sara,
      Black spots is a good sign. The 2nd/3rd day, the wart may look white and appear larger than before. Are you using petroleum jelly to help protect the healthy skin surrounding your wart? Other readers have mentioned taking something like Tylenol to help with the pain (however I don’t recommend doing this). If you can bare with the pain, you can try shortening the treatment time in half. Otherwise, stop the acv and let it heal before you attempt again.

      • Mike my healthy skin doesn’t hurt its the wart itself that hurts. It throbs at times not all the time, I’m trying to keep it as long as I can tolorate it. I just get so discouraged with this ugly thing. Thanks for responding :)

  42. Hey! Just a quick question: If you apply it by mistake on healthy skin, would there be a problem? I’m thinking of applying it in a big area where I have very small spots!

    • ACV will burn both warts and healthy skin. Use petroleum jelly to help reduce damage to surround healthy skin.

      • First of all, thank you for the reply, you’re doing great work there. Let’s persume that my skin turns black. Will that be permanent, will it go away or will it need peeling off? If you accidentally apply petroleum jelly on warts, will there be a problem?

        Anyway, I know your view about genitals, but if I can handle the pain and the warts are at the pubic area, why would that be a problem?

  43. I am down to my second day of ACV treatment. It hurts like hell but it started truning black so I am guessing the warts being taken care of. I had one at the base of my foot and it went away in a week so thanks a lot to ACV.

  44. Hello, I’ve had a small cluster of plantar warts at the base of my big toe for probably eight years. They never caused me pain but about a month ago I decided that I wanted to be rid of them. I’ve been treating with ACV overnight for probably three weeks and the warts are currently scabbed over and black, but not to the point where I can peel them off. My progress seems to have stagnated. My question is how important is it to prevent the warts from drying out? I’ve been taking the bandage off during the day as I’ve very active and on my feet all day.

    • Hi Amy,
      Not quite sure what would stay on if the bandaids won’t. I was going to suggest duct tape, but that would only work if you were doing normal walking, etc.

      • Thanks for the reply! I could probably keep duct tape on as I’m either wearing boots, or sneakers. I guess my question is, is keeping the area moist integral to it working properly? Will letting it dry out prolong or hinder the process?

  45. sharon salmon says:

    my hands has tiny flat warts on the back of them. I would sad about 20+ on each hand. On each hand I also have one large work near the thumb it’s so disgusting. I have been putting aghast pad with apple cider vinegar on it over my warts and then putting latex gloves on them at night after two nights they are now white which is great cuz they’re usually kind of like a freckle. I’m not sure if this is the best route.
    is using latex gloves creating a greenhouse and is that okay with the warts? I only ask this because I honestly have so many I can’t just put one bandaid on and soak all the warts.

    • Treating such a large area with acv is not a good idea. ACV will burn the wart and any healthy skin it comes in contact with. Maybe try treating a smaller area using just a standard bandaid and see how it goes? Then move on to another area successful removal?

      • Hi I am writing to you because I have forty warts on my right hand and twenty on my left hand. I started the acv treatment bthis morning. Should I cover all my warts at one or should I only pick a couple also I would like to send a pic of my hands if possible to you I do not know if i should file down the other warts or not.

        • Josh,
          You shouldn’t try to cover all the warts at once (especially if it’s a large area). ACV will burn the warts and healthy skin that come into contact with it. Maybe try a very small area covering one/two and see how it goes first. If the area is large and as severe as you describe, I recommend you talk with your doctor/qualified professional first and see what they have to say about it. Unfortunately, I’m not a medical professional (just a victim like yourself) so I cannot offer any medical advice about your situation.

  46. Needing some guidance here please!

    I had a painless and tiny, pin point size/hole type plantar wart on my heel. I have never had one before, but I knew they can become a real pain if not treated.

    I decided to treat with ACV before it became an issue and now it’s become and issue.

    I soaked it, and treated it with ACV 4 nights/days in a row changing out twice a day. After day 1 the inside turned black, day two still black and the sides of the “crater” turned white and was swollen and risen and painful. Day three I could barely walk but was able to file off enough dead skin of the “crater” to where it was flush with my heel and not risen. Day four has been very painful. I am questioning continuing treatment. The hole seems to have shrunk but I don’t know what to do about pain. There is no way I can “pick” off the black bc it is in the tiny hole.

    What should I do? I don’t want to give up I want to kill this thing. But now I’m questioning if I should have even messed with it bc it never bothered me until now!

    • In the past, when the pain got too much, I would just ease off the acv for a few days until it was better. I’ve had mixed results doing this. Once, the black stayed in the wart and it came back bigger than before. The other few times, it got darker (even without the acv) and I was able to pick it off. The difference is I wasn’t using it on plantar warts, I was using it on common warts on my hands. If the pain has become too much to bare, then let stop using the acv and let it heal first before trying acv again. There was another reader who stopped the acv and just applied duct tape instead after the pain became a little too much. Doing so worked out for her and the wart came off.

      • That would be me, KK an Mike. The acv was so harsh I had to stop it, but found the duct tape continued doing the job. I can still see the shape on my finger, along with the still-red skin from the acv, but it’s more like a callous now and fading daily.

  47. I had a terrible wart on my knee. It was just getting bigger no matter what I tried. It even started to hurt and would bump into things it was just awful and I had never had one before in my life. I decided to try the Apple vinegar and it hurt really super bad but I decided to just keep it on. I changed the bandage every morning and kept it on all day and all night. It did burn and turned black and I thought oh my what have I done to it now….BUT it Fell off. YES it is totally gone. This is the best method and I have tried everything from the store. Is it painful, yes! Does it work YES! VERY HAPPY!

  48. Go figure my identical twins both have warts on the tops of their feet. I remember my mom telling me about acv but wanted a website to verify before I tried it on three year olds. The bigger of the two warts is all black after three nights of treatment! The smaller one is just starting to turn colors! So far they’re not complaining of any pain. As a sign of solidarity, I’m treating a plantars wart on my foot that’s been there for 10+ years and its a little tender. So glad its working! Thank you!

  49. I just started this treatment on my daughter’s finger last night. When she woke up this morning the wart was more swollen and white in color. Should she keep a band-aid on it during the day or keep it covered? Also, should I file the wart each night before the ACV application or just until it turns black? Thanks!

    • Allison, I usually keep a bandaid on mine all day (mostly to hide it & to keep it from drying and hardening). The wart appearing larger and whiter is normal for me. You can file it until the thing is gone, but it isn’t always necessary from my experience (it just helps more). Please make sure to protect her healthy surrounding skin with lots of petroleum jelly to minimize any burns.

  50. I have a verruca on my foot for over a year that is already completely black and painless. Do I even need to put ACV on it or does this mean if I put ACV on it I will get faster results?

    • Nicole, have you been treating it with anything? Even if you haven’t, they do eventually go away on their own. If it seems like it’s already going away, I would recommend you just leave it and see how it goes first.

  51. Hi Mike,
    I was wondering what band aids/plasters do you need to apply for better results? On my arm I was applying water resistant plaster on top of ACV to cover the flow of oxygen and it was burning more effectively, within 3 days i peeled off the black skin and seen a root, i then applied ACV for 4 more days but nothing happened(wart was not coming out), my healthy skin just became more red around the wart area and the root of the wart started to rot so I took it off with a needle which was painless as it was dead. Now I am curing a verruca on my foot and applied the same method with water resistant plasters and took of the blackened skin in a few days but can hardly see a root and obviously walking on my foot with ACV on it is a bit painful. I started to use normal plasters as the skin heals and is more hard than soft with oxygen touching it as well as its painless to walk on it. However I`m not sure if its efficient enough as ACV dries up quicker and the root is still there.
    Can you advise please what plasters did you use and if its important to cover the wart from any oxygen?


    • Hi Roman,
      I just used standard bandaids. I used them mainly for the purpose of holding down the acv soaked cotton ball. I have also used duct tape to hold things down and keep it moist throughout the night. At first when I was using just a few drops, the duct tape gave me slightly better results. However, once I started soaking my cotton balls with more acv there wasn’t any significant differences. I don’t think “suffocating” the wart is necessary with acv. The most important thing is to make sure it doesn’t dry out overnight.

  52. My 13 year old had about 15 warts on many fingers on his right hand. We have had them frozen, many over the counter and finally started the ACV. We have been working on other treatments for over a year and the ACV saw results with just one treatment! We have to take a break over the weekdays as its his writing hand and he needs it during school. We started last weekend, and half were black with one treatment. We kept going and more turned black. We started again last night and a few look like they are ready to be peeled. I bought a cheap file that you can use for rough heels and he is using that to file the few dead layers off with no issues. The very first day, he said some were painful but not enough pain where he wanted to stop. I gave him Tylenol and told him if it still hurt in an hour or at any point was unbearable, let me know and we will “abort”, it never got that bad and the tylenol worked for him. He is so happy that this is working, as am I!

    • I can’t even begin to imagine what having warts puts him through at that age. I’m so happy it’s working out for him. I hope they’ll be gone soon, so he has one less thing to worry about.

  53. Hi Mike, I backed off the acv, as you advised, and as I suspected the wart started to rebound. I coated the raw areas on my knuckle with A&D ointment (as you probably know, mostly petroleum jelly) left the wart untreated and covered with a bandaid. After a day, the wart, which had started to turn black with the acv, got reddish, then lighter red/orange and was clearly coming back. I did the A&D thing again around the wart on the sore skin, but then covered with ONLY duct tape. The next day the top of the wart, which before the color change had always been clear like a blister, had peeled off. Continued treatment with A&D and duct tape on top, and today there’s a crater where the top of the wart was. I almost have a normal knuckle again. I did read a theory where the duct tape kind of jogs your immune system, which then attacks the wart. Not sure about that, all I know is this thing is now on its way out. I believe the original attack with the acv started the process, but the duct tape is definitely finishing it. Thanks for all the info!

    • Hi mike, I just started this treatment a few days ago and it seems to be working! The pain was really bad and woke me up several times in the middle of the night. Do you think it would be ok to take ibuprofen to help the pain and continue on with the treatments?

      • Ashely, I’m not a doctor so I can’t really say if it’s a good idea or not. I would say that if it numbs the pain, the burn may get too bad and cause a lot of harm. I would recommend stopping the acv for a day or two and letting the healthy skin heal until it isn’t as sore anymore. Did you use petroleum jelly to protect the surrounding healthy skin?

    • That’s great news Bonnie. I hope the duct tape finishes the job for you.


    • I’m happy to hear ACV worked out for you and that you took the time to share your story with us, but I’m still going to recommend NOT using ACV on anything near the genitals. You should always consult with your doctor first before attempting any treatments for genital warts.

  55. Hi guys,

    I am treating a verruca(planter wart) under my left foot with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar.

    I have had this verruca for 13 years. Yes 13 years!!! I have tried everything from: Wartner, Bazooka Sub-Zero(twice), Wartner Freeze, Scholl Freeze, Scholl seal & heal, Sylic Acid, Sylic acid pads, Bazuka (different gels), Corn remover, Duct tape, Banana peel, tea tree oil, garlic, honey, Vit C tablets, ACV, Thuja, Freezing from a chiropodist, Sanaktol, lemon, DRY NEEDLING, Dr scholl pen for callous, Nail Polish and many more which I cannot recall due to the years.

    The biggest mistake I made was slicing it off with a blade. Now I am using a metal filer to file it down. So what I currently done is use the banana skin to reduce the wart, filing it every day of course for 2 weeks. Then I used a cotton ball with tea tree oil and left with duct tape over night for 1 week filing as I go along. I could see pink skin but I know the wart still exists as further tea tree oil was doing nothing.

    Now as I got closer to the skin I am using ACV again but the problem is I get a really throbbing and stinging pain. Almost enough to make me scream in agony and cry. I gave up ACV due to this about 6 months ago but I am now trying to keep the pain in.

    I have applied the ACV but it seems as thought the wart grew back by the reaction of the acid. However, it has turned black and I am into day 4 into the treatment. I hope it totally eliminates this!!!

    Sorry for the long essay. By the way great site!

    • Thanks for taking your time to tell us your story. Using acv on a plantar wart is definitely going to be painful. I hope it works out for you. The wart turning black is always a good sign. Please let us know how it works out for you.

  56. im 2 days into this mole treatment and i want to stop.. what do i do? is it okay to stop halfway? will the dry mole become normal again? please help! i decided i want to keep my mole :o

    • You can stop whenever. I’m not sure if the mole will go back to normal. I’ve never thought on trying acv on moles before.

  57. Great tip! I started 2 days ago and am seeing the blackening. I had a flat flesh colored wart on a finger that annoyed me, but if I go to the dermatologist and have them laser it (which has worked on all previous warts) its $100-150, so I am really excited to find an alternative that seems to be working! Thank you!

  58. How do you keep the acv from devouring the skin AROUND the wart. It is so red, raw, and painful right next to the wart, that I may have to stop the treatment. The acv leaches over to areas around the wart, peels THAT skin off and I’m not sure I can let that go on.

    • Bonnie, give the acv a rest and let the healthy surround skin heal for a few days. I’ve had to do is on several occasions and resumed treatment once the pain went away. Apply petroleum jelly to the healthy surrounding skin. Another visitor made a great suggestion of covering the entire area with duct tape & cutting a hole in the tape just big enough to expose to wart.

    • I have backed off the acv, however ever time I’ve given this monster 10 seconds of a break in my other treatment attempts, it came back stronger! I’m actually starting to think of it as a nemesis or something, as it’s taking on a life of its own. Do you know if there’s any validity to the theory that duct tape alone, without acv, will get rid of it? I read some “research” that said 80% of people who wrapped with duct tape alone had success, as opposed to 60% of laser or freezing treatments.

      • Bonnie,
        I’ve given acv a break and gone back to treat it again with success in the end. My giant knuckle wart took many cycles of on and off treatments because I have really sensitive skin and there were times when the pain was a little too much to deal with. In the end, I was able to get rid of it completely, but it took several tries. We may have read the same “research”. There was a clinical trial done a few years back that concluded duct tape produced slightly better results than freezing with liquid nitrogen. However as far as I am aware, there is no absolute evidence that duct tape is better. Here’s a link to that clinical study.

  59. I tired this on a wart above my ankle and it was working great and turned black but someone told me that you aren’t supposed to peel the scab off because if you leave it the root will come out with the scab. And I accidentally peeled It off and now it’s just a big hole and it’s really red around it and i don’t know if that’s normal or if it got infected or something? Do you have any ideas or is that normal

    • The redness may be the healthy skin being burned from the acv. I know this is always the case for me when I used this remedy since my skin is very sensitive. The “big hole” in where the wart used to be is normal. All of mine healed ok and I can barely tell there was once a wart and a hole there. I can’t say it isn’t an infection though. There’s always that possibility. Have at look at some common symptoms of an infection at You can wait a another day or two and see if it seems like an infection. If you have think it’s an infection, it’s best to have your doctor take a look at it.

  60. I have used this technique to get rid of my nose and hand warts. Works wonders. Also a good trick is to treat ONE WART AT A TIME.

  61. Ron markdale says:

    Hi Mike, I have several pinky-finger-nail size, flat, light brown color Seborrheic warts near my genital area being covered by the public hairs. They only appear in recent year but getting more in number and becoming larger in size. Do you suggest me to use ACV to remove these warts ? Any recommendation to reduce pain ? And how to protect my sensitive area while applying the ACV ? Thanks in advance.

    • Ron, this remedy is meant to remove common warts only. It should not be used on gential warts. Please consult with your doctor for a professional medical advice.

      • Ron markdale says:

        Thanks Mike. Indeed, it was my doctor telling me those are Seborrheic warts at the genital area after his examination.

        Anyone who has similar experience for sharing ?

  62. I wanted to thank you and share how fantastic i found the treatment mentioned on this site. I had a wart on my thumb for over a year and was using freezing spray to no avail. After finally getting sick of it i dug some out causing a lot of bleeding and came across this site. I followed the method mentioned and the next day it had completely turned black. I left it uncovered for nearly two days and peeled off the top. I am confident it has gone now but if there is some left i shall repeat the treatment. No more over the counter rubbish in the future!

    • I tried many of the usual stuff including castor oil. None worked. Made small cotton balls about the size of q-tips. Soaked one in Bragg ACV (from GNC) and held in place overnight for 9 days. After 2 days, the wart turned black. Was advised to persevere. Finger started to swell on day 9 so I stopped treatment. I was able to remove the blackened part of the wart. The rest healed completely after about 1 1/2 weeks. This really worked for me.

  63. I left a similar comment at another site but was compelled to post it here as this is the first site I was lead to about this information. The more people that know, the better.

    After suffering with what I called a “skin growth” for over two years, on my index finger, I chanced on this cure.

    I had tried all over the counter remedies… freezing, stick on patches, brush on liquids to no avail. The failure of all these expensive treatments left me thinking it wasn’t a wart but something else.

    I then resolved to cutting it off! I had a surgical blade that I would slice that sucker off with. Yes, it was painful with a lot of blood, but it would be gone! And after it would heal I would be “wart” free for awhile. But it would always come back. Soon enough it would begin to bulge up and within a few months, the dreaded “wart” would be back.

    I sliced that thing off at least a dozen times over the 2+ years I had it and was always left with its return. Then I found out about ACV!

    I did what many say in these comments, pulled the end of a q-tip off and soaked it in ACV (just the 79 cents stuff from Kroger) and stuck it on the “wart” with a band-aid. Within days I devolved a brownish ring around the wart. I continued until the whole area was a black circle. And continued beyond (just to make sure that sucker was dead)!

    Took about two weeks before the day I was able to peel it off with tweezers. And now, a week after that, I am left with the last bits of the “hole” finally healing up to normal skin.

    Wow! This changed my life. Thought I was going to have this thing on my finger the rest of my days. In my line of work my fingers are very visible and it was really embarrassing.

    It’s worth any pain and like many have said, I welcomed the pain as I knew it was working and killing this unsightly flesh-turd on my hand! Good luck!

  64. Sabrina mac says:

    Hi Mike
    I have had flat warts on my hands for around 8 years. The first two were on my thumbs and then a few years ago I got another two. I have tried freezing by a dermatologist and countless tries with salacycic acid. Nothing happened apart from irritating the skin to the point that I think I now have scar tissue as they are permanently red. I’ve started using ACV in the last week and already 2 black dots have appeared in the 2 most recent warts. I guess it takes longer to get to the older ones. This is my question – do you think the redness will ever go away from the wart areas and will these areas ever look line normal skin I.e have lines rather than being completely smooth?

    • Sabrina,
      I can’t say for sure that you won’t be left with scars. I can however share with you my personal experience. I had a wart that just wouldn’t go away until several repeats of the acv treatment. It was RED and painful. The red is your healthy skin being burned by the acv and for me, it healed back to normal after all was done. All of my warts left no scar, or visible lines. I can’t even tell that they were once there. It may be different for you. Just don’t leave the treatment on if the pain is too much to bare, or the redness gets really bad. Give the treatment a break for a couple of days and let the healthy skin heal first. As always, take the necessary steps to avoid infections.

  65. My daughter had a plantar wart on the bottom of her foot. I tried Wart removers for months and nothing worked. It only got bigger. We started using apple cider vinegar every night. It’s not even a full week and the wart is just about gone. I am amazed by this!

  66. I just started this application today and I was wondering if you had to put the bandaid on it. I used a big peice of cotton because I have a bigger wart right below my knee, and then covered it in duck tape. it started to burn immeadiatly and I was also wondering if that was supposed to happen as well.

  67. I have been treating my warts x2 on the ball of my foot for four days. So at night with a soaked cotton ball and duct tape. I have to say the pain over the last 2-3 nights has been excruciating. Sharp throbbing pain and I cannot walk properly at all!!! I have allot of the black dots appearing and the crater of skin around has gone. I will have to have a rest from the treatment based on what I have read and the pain! I can’t see how it will peel off though as the blackness looks to be under a layer of skin? Should I try and make a small incision to get rid of this later and attempt to peel off when pain calms down? Thank you !!

    • Plantar warts are always harsh with acv with all the pressure from standing up, walking, etc. Have you tried filing it down with a pumice stone after a warm shower/bath? Using acv will cause a blister to form and peeling it off becomes a lot easier once the wart has turned black.

    • The same thing is happening to me.. I came on here to see if there was an answer to what’s going on… I am on day 4..And the black looks like its under the skin and its all white around it and very sore to the touch.. Hope this is the process.. Hope someone can let us know..

      • Let it air out and allow the skin to heal for a few days. I’ve run into this before and that was what I did. After day 2, the wart had turned darker (without applying anymore acv) and the soreness was gone. I was able to successfully peel it off.

  68. Naomi Maxwell says:

    Before I started with AVC removal I tried a salicylic acid gel (Salatac gel) but it was too harsh for me ,then I tried duct tape . Duct tape removed the little common wart ,but not the root. Now it has been 4 day that I am trying AVC . there is a little bit of flat hard yellow skin . I am continuing on putting AVC on it for 24hrs. Is it normal to have this type of skin ?
    Thanks ,

  69. I been trying the ACV method lately and while I think its working I want to make sure if I am seeing the process right.
    The wart is on my middle finger and ever since I used the ACV it kinda made a hole on my finger and I think I am seeing the core of the wart.
    When you keep applying ACV does the wart just magically disappear or do I have to peel it out even though its inside my finger?

    • Many people who’ve used it say to leave it until it falls off by itself. I have peeled off all of mine once they have turned black. My warts were sore & sensitive to the touch after a few days of treatment. I let it air out for a day or two and usually the sensitivity will be gone. At this point, I peel it off with no pain and no blood.

  70. I’ve been doing acv on a decently small wart on the bottom of my foot for two nights now and all of today. Today I noticed the first difference and had a little pain for the first time. The skin around the wart is very soft, tender, and a different color than the rest of the skin on my foot, but the wart hasn’t seemed to change yet. I am continually taking off the dead parts of the wart on top and changing the acv regularly. Am I just being impatient, or should something have happened by now?

    • You might want to wait another night or two. Two nights may not be enough time especially for a plantar wart.

    • I am currently on day 1 of this treatment and I did not start off with filing them down. Do you have to file the warts down in order for this to work?

      • If the excess skin on the wart isn’t filed down, it usually decreases the effectiveness of the treatment greatly.

  71. Thanks for the compliment, but I’m a guy (Mike) LOL. To answer your question, yes, you can scrape it off with a pumice stone. Just be careful to not go down to far and cause it to bleed.

  72. Read your post and past comments and thought to get your opinion.
    I have been applying ACV on my 4 yr old boy’s foot for around 3 weeks now- every night and (recently started) morning. And putting bandaid to hold the soaked cotton and another bandage to hold this on place and then socks.

    Now since last week, the centre spot of the wart has turned black(about 40%), but nothing is happening further. On the contrary, the skin around the wart has turned red( lost the outer layer of skin) and I think it’s irritating.
    The part of the foot where the wart is, hurts him so much that he would start screaming if I even touch anywhere closer!! He doesn’t even walk straight anymore because of the pain, trying to put less pressure- so he walks on 1st toe through to heels!( wart is closer to the middle toes).
    He wakes up in the middle of night due to pain and keeps crying and complaining about the pain!!
    So my question is, am I doing anything wrong? Am I missing anything? Why is it taking so long to go black fully and completely fall off?
    How long can I use this treatment for?
    (From the above post, I will start applying Vaseline around the wart to protect the skin – is this before applying the ACV?)
    Also, there is another yellow spot coming out very close to the first one – could this be another wart?
    Thanks for your time and this wonderful post!

    • In my opinion acv is a little too harsh on a 4 year old. It’s the acetic acid in acv that causes the blistering, so acv burns the wart and any surrounding healthy skin exposed to it. The redness is the healthy skin being burned by acv. I would let it heal for a week or so before attempting to use it again. Have you tried duct tape? The foot doesn’t get wet too often and it’s painless so it would be more suitable for a child.

      In you still want to use acv still, apply lots of Vaseline around the healthy skin surrounding the wart. Apply it before applying acv. The layer of Vaseline will help reduce the burning. Treatment shouldn’t really exceed a week. From my experience if you go past a week the healthy skin gets burned too badly and it becomes too painful. The yellow spot could be another wart popping up, but I can’t really say for sure. You would need to keep an eye on it and see if it turns out to be a wart or not.

      • One more thing I forgot to mention is to file down the wart if it isn’t too painful. If the wart has too much skin growth, it may reduce the effectiveness of the acv.

  73. I have a wart on my big toe and have been using the acv for a couple of weeks. It’s been completely black now for about 5 days. I don’t want to peel it until I know for sure the core is going to come out. How long before it falls off naturally? It gets painful and sore when left on too long. But my main concern is when it will come off. Do I need to let it breathe and dry out a couple days?

    • I say let it breath for a couple of days. I peeled off all of mine before it fell off by itself. They came out easily, painlessly and with no blood mess. I’ve never gone past a week of treatment. My warts did come back and few times and I have had to treat it a second time before they went away for good.

  74. I have had great success with this method. I have one on my thumb and one on my toe (and several scattered on my foot close to my toes- but I’ll talk about those in a bit) At first I soaked a whole cotton ball for my thumb and toe (both warts were quite small) and I found that the skin around the wart was very sensitive in the morning after I took off the ACV cotton ball. Instead, I used the tip of a Q tip and soaked that in ACV so the cotton was only on the wart and it worked really well! I’m in the black/sore phase but I’m happy with the results so far.

    For the very small warts between my foot and toes, I’ve used a mixture of oregano, tea tree and lemon essential oil and spray it each night. I had about a dozen dotting my foot but now I only have one. It’s been very good at stopping the spread. Just a little FYI!

  75. One way to isolate the wart and protect the surrounding skin is to cut a hole in a piece of duct tape that’s just a little bigger than the wart so only the wart it touched by the ACV. I then put the cotton ball on top of the wart and tape it with more duct tape.

  76. Hi Mike,

    I was using the vinegar method for over a week now, some came off, some are too big to come off in one so i will continue with the treatment later.
    My question is: I started to have blisters around the wart on the healthy skin.. Is it normal? Did you experienced that? Now because of those i stopped until they are healed. Maybe i was using too much vinegar? Was just not sure if im not doing anything bad to my healthy skin…
    Thank you!

    • you dont want it to touch your healthy skin, it is an acid and can cause burning and even infection, try and get the least amount of healthy skin wet with the vinegar

  77. I am on day 4 of using ACV to treat a wart on the tip of my thumb. When I remove the bandaid I am seeing the black dots you mentioned, but they actually look more like little black splinters. Did you experience that and if so how long did it take for the wart to turn black? One more question – when it does turn black will it come off on its own or do I remove it? Thank you!

    • Hi Marie,
      The black dots when few in numbers do look similar to splinters. My first few attempts at using acv (took me a lot of tries to get all my warts) produced what you are seeing right now. It turned out I wasn’t using enough acv, so I added about 2-3 more drops. After I added a little more acv, the process of the wart turning black went a little faster. My smaller warts turned black within the week. My really stubborn knuckle wart about the size of a dime (maybe even penny) took two weeks and multiple treatment cycles.

      As for your second question, I have honestly never really waited for the wart to come off on it’s own. I’ve read from many internet sources that they do fall off on their own, but I just peel them off. By the time my wart was covered in black dots, it was quite sore to the touch. I would often let it air out for a day and let the soreness settle down a little. The next day/two if it wasn’t as sore anymore, I would just peel the wart off. If there was no blood gushing out, I removed the whole thing. If there was, it was a sign the wart wasn’t “dead” yet, so I continued with the acv.

      • I wanted to post a follow-up and report that the wart on my thumb is now completely gone. ACV success!!!

  78. Here is a question for those that have had success with ACV. I’ve been using it for several days now and it seems to be working. The wart turned black and I was left with a crater the size of the wart on my finger. There is black within the crater, but I’m not able to get it out. I’ve continued to apply ACV for the last couple days, but there has been no change. The wart and I seem to be at a standoff. I’m uncertain if the wart is dead or if I should continue to apply ACV. Should all of the black be gone before it’s considered dead?

    • The black doesn’t need to be completely gone. Let the skin heal and see if it returns before applying acv again.

  79. Should I be using a pumice stone every few days to get the excess skin around it off? i’m having the crater/black scab issue too… the wart is right on the cuticle of my thumb. I’ve been using ACV for about three days now, and it’s not really black, but kind of a grayish/green color 3:

    • I only removed the excess skin before starting the acv treatment. You probably don’t need to use it every few days unless there’s too much excess skin. Try adding a few more extra drops of acv to your cotton ball. Use a little Vaseline to help protect the healthy skin surrounding wart.

  80. Hi,
    Thanks for the great advice! Im using this method for the 2nd day (only on 1 wart right now), and it starting to get darker – like little dots. So im expecting a good outcome :)
    I have a question though.. I have these warts on my hand, and i have like 4-5 bigger, and around them there are little ones starting to appear. They are so tiny that i cannot really put a cotton ball only on one so i tried to put on 3 at the same time which were next to each other. But i dont see any result with these… Do you think they are just too small and flat to use this method? I just dont want to wait until they get bigger.. Any idea? Thank you!

    • I’ve actually had to deal with several small warts around a larger wart as well. What I ended up doing was just cover the whole cluster with acv. I was unable to get them at first too and I think it was because they were much smaller, so they didn’t really come into contact with the acv on the cotton ball. I added a few extra drops of acv and it seemed to have done the trick for me.

  81. Hi!

    So I’ve been using your method for probably 1 week or so. Maybe a little less. The warts are indeed starting to turn black, but they’re turning into little craters. What do I do about these craters?? Keep applying ACV? Or let them be until the craters fill in? It scares me to have the little holes all in my skin but I don’t know what to do. It’s like they blacken, flatten themselves, and then cave in. I’m not peeling them for now, just letting them do their thing, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • It may take longer, but if the black spots don’t get bigger, peel them off and let it heal. Then apply acv again. When the wart is peeled off, you will have a “hole” in your skin where the wart used to be. For me, the skin healed just fine and there is no noticeable sign of a hole ever being there. Just keep a clean bandaid over the area and keep it clean to avoid an infection.

  82. Do I need to keeping applying ACV after wart core loosened and easily fell off? Not sure if I should do the overnight treatment for a few more days to make sure it doesn’t return?

    • If the wart fell off, you may want to consider letting the skin heal and just apply again if comes back.

  83. Help I don’t know what to do!!! Read so much about ACV for warts and I figured I would give it a try…. I had 3 little ones on my fingers….. It’s been 1 and 1/2 weeks so far and this is what has happened! Did the soaked cotton ball and then wrapped in bandaid and duct tape, I would leave it on for a about 12 hrs and then take it off and just leave bandaid on for 12 hours….. After the first couple days they started to change colors and then get little black spots…. I picked the black spots off and kept doing it…. Now I have these little craters in my fingers with black scap looking things in the holes! But one finger absolutely kills and is super swollen and all around the outside of the hole…. Is there an infection? What’s my next step with the black scale being there?

    • Stacey,
      From my experience and from what I had read through various internet sources before using it myself, you don’t pick off the little black spots as they appear. You wait for the entire wart to turn black. That’s when you can easily peel if off with almost little pain or blood gushing out. This usually take no more than a week from my experience. If it gets swollen or sore, you should stop applying acv for a couple of days and let it rest.

      If you used too much acv and the surrounding healthy skin was exposed to acv as well, it might cause redness and swelling. I’m can’t really tell you if it’s an infection, but you can refer to I highly recommend you have your doctor look at it if you feel there’s a chance that it’s an infection.

    • Stacey I am having the same problem right now. After just one night of using the acv, the wart came off. I used the acv a few more days (like some sites said to do) it turned black again and now I am stuck with like a black scab below the skin. I tried to pick it off but it won’t come off. I decided to try the acv again tonight to see if it will make any changes.

  84. I have had warts on my right had for over 2 years. It started as one huge one but once I got that surgically removed it more came in its place. At one time I had up to 16 visible warts on my right hand at once. I went to the dermatologist to get them frozen off. Some fell off but some were more persistent. I was prescribed a cream that I had to use every night before bed but that didn’t seem to effect them. I researched online and came across the ACV method and said “What do I have to lose”. I bought the necessary materials and started my treatment on Tuesday (June 24, 2014). I have followed up every night and to my surprise this method is the most effect yet. My warts are turning a black color and they seem to be shrinking in size. I use a pumice stone every morning to get rid of the dead skin on the wart from treating it the night before. If anyone has warts and wants a treatment that will show results, this is the treatment to do.

  85. Im using the APC therapy and yeah it is painful hopefully i would be able to recover from this nighmare esp it affects my private area. :( but till when will i be using this therapy?

    • Please don’t attempt to use this for genital warts. This remedy is meant for common warts and plantar warts located on your hands, feet, etc. and is not to be used for genital warts. Consult with your doctor for treatment.

      • I did it for my warts. If you can handle the pain go for it. People get all nervous about genital warts, like somehow they’re worse than any other wart. I used acv. It burned a bit. I sucked it up. Warts went away. That’s all you really need to know.

  86. My first day today of trying this out. Its made my wart go a wrinkly white colour is this normal? It stings a little but I can handle it.

    • Kylie, it’s normal. In a few more days you should start seeing tiny black spots in the wart. The stinging varies from person to person. I have sensitive skin so it gets quite noticeable after a few days. See if you can bare with it for a few days. If it gets too much, stop using the acv and let it recover for a day or two before trying again.

  87. I place the acv at nite exactly how it is instructed to be used and in just a few days they shrink up and fall right off. Im so happy theres such a simple and cheap method to getting rid of warts instead of paying hundreds of dollars for prescription cream. It works great!

  88. I used this on my cluster warts and within a week they went and haven’t returned since (2 years ago now). I kept acv on all day and changed it at night then the morning and a few days after it had turned black.
    Doing the same now to hubby. I started the treatment in Monday, he’s doing the same keeping on all the’s Wednesday and it’s turning black already. Giving it a few extra days to be gone for good.
    Thank you

    • It’s great to hear another success story about using acv to remove warts. I’ve tried leaving it on all day, but I have very sensitive skin (my wife teases me about this all the time) so it get’s too sore after a few days of treatment. I ended up toning it down afterwards and still found it to be quite effective. Please let me know how it goes for your husband.

  89. I have tried this many times, and the warts always seem to get black and peal right off, but they always come back after the skin is healed. What am I doing wrong?

    • The problem with warts is that if even a tiny piece containing the virus remains, there’s a good chance it will come back. My largest wart on my knuckle was the most stubborn. I probably had to treat it, let it heal, have it come back and then treat it again maybe over 3 to 5 times before it finally went away for good. I think the biggest reason why it took so many treatments was because of it’s size and I didn’t continue applying acv long enough until I peeled it off. Maybe you can try giving a few extra days of treatment once it’s turned black and see if it makes any difference.

      • I think it also has to do with the strength of your immune system and the strength of the virus. I had a verruca for ten years that no doctor was able to get rid of. I wasn’t too worried about it until it started spreading. At that point, I started looking for other remedies and tried ACV. The newest warts healed up in a matter of days but the older warts turned black and scabbed over and when I picked the scabs there was still infected flesh below. It did not heal until I stopped picking at the scabs and let them fall off on their own. One wart ( or the area around the wart) got infected from my picking and I had to discontinue treatment on that area so I switched to Hwarts from Healing Natural Oils on that one and that was also effective and painless. On a side note, when you dont pick at the warts and remove the scabs the ACV is painless as well. It can be terribly painful on open sores. You can put Vaseline or Neosporin on the healthy skin around the wart if your skin is sensitive.Keep at it though! It does work!

  90. It works!!! Thanks so much. I just peeled the black off and it left somewhat of an indent and is red because it was sore
    Should I continue the method to kick it in the butt or just put a bandaid over it and let the indent/wound heal?

    • Glad to hear it worked for you. You may want to let it heal first and just check for signs of the wart returning. Chances are you might not have gotten all of and it will return, but if it does it will be smaller and much easier to remove. I’ve had some where they were completely removed with no return on the first treatment and a few that returned a second time.

  91. I have been leaving the plaster/band aid on 24 hours but changing once or twice a day. Should I be taking it off for except for at night?

    Seems to be working as burning a hole into my finger where the wart is.

    • Dave,
      The longer you can leave it on, the more effective it will be and the faster you will get results. Take it off only if it gets too painful for you.

  92. What a great way to get rid of warts!

  93. Thank you! How often do you re-apply the ACV and Band-aid?

  94. Thats really a useful way to get rid of warts, thanks for sharing. :)

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