3 Things Around the House You Can Use to Treat Warts

There’s a lot of home remedies out there for getting rid of warts, but here are three that you can probably find around the house. What so great about them? They’re free if you have them.  If you have any of these around, why not give it a try for a few days and see how it works for you?

Banana peel wart remedy

Tape the white side of the banana peel over the wart. Leave it over night. Change the peel. Rinse and repeat until the wart is gone.
banana peelPhoto Credit (Claire Knights)


Dandelions wart remedy

Break the stem of a dandelion. It should excrete a white liquid. Apply the liquid to the wart. Let it dry. Continue daily treatment until the wart is gone.

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Lemon wart remedy

Squeeze juice from the lemon. Apply the juice over the wart. Let it dry. Reapply the liquid a few times each day until the wart is gone.

Have you tried any of these remedies? What were your results? I would love to hear them below in the comments.

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