Three Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When You Have Warts

Mistake  #1:

Cutting your warts.

three nail clippersDon’t cut your warts (with nail clippers, scissors, whatever else is sharp).  You’ll do nothing but cause it to grow back bigger and uglier than before. How do I know this? From personal experience. The largest wart on my knuckle is now the size of a penny. When it first appeared, it was nothing but a dot. Stupid me, I kept cutting it with a nail clipper…

Mistake # 2:

Not covering your wart.

Warts spread through direct contact. Keeping a wart covered under a Band-aid or tape will reduce direct contact.

When my first wart popped up, I didn’t keep it covered. More popped up afterwards and eventually spread to my other hand as well. I didn’t know that I had to keep them covered. Had I done so from the start, I probably would have a lot less to deal with today.

Mistake #3:

Don’t bite, or pick at your wart.

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Similar to mistake number 1. If you pick at it, it will grow bigger. I’m always tempted to pick at mine. Had I resisted the urge, I would be able to treat my warts much faster (bigger warts means longer and harder to remove). Do yourself a favor and resist the urge.

These are just three of the countless mistakes you can make. What other mistakes  can those who suffer from warts avoid? Please let me know in the comments below.



Photo Credit (nail clippers): Duncan Hull

Photo Credit (bandage): Nathal

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